Nowadays, staying fit and healthy can be a real struggle. With the rise of fast food restaurants, easy-to-prepare processed, and ever-growing work hours, it is easy to fall into unhealthy habits.  You don’t have to be a nutrition specialist to realize how bad for our health this food can be. On the other hand, even those who have adopted healthy lifestyles might be suffering from the same weight gain or weight loss struggles.

That’s where cryo lipo therapy comes in.

Cryo lipo therapy is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction. It is a completely non-invasive procedure aimed at reducing body fat based on the fact that fat cells are not very resistant to cold.  Don’t worry! You will not be subjected to terrible sub-zero temperatures.

The whole process is carried out between -7 to -10 oC, the actual value depends on the fat layer thickness. Only specific, targeted areas will be affected by the treatment. The most popular areas include areas like the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, lower buttocks, and chin.  The treatment lasts 60 minutes–the same amount of time you would spend at a gym! The difference is that in one session alone, you can reduce up to 20-30% or 3-6 cm of fat!

Sometimes the treatment results in a slight reddening of the skin, this is completely normal and should go away in about a week.

We recommend our customers undergo 1-3 sessions to get the best out of this process. Each session should be done after a 45 day period so that the dead fat cells have time to fully exit the body through the lymphatic system. The best part is, only 60 days later you will be able to see the full results! For the best possible results, we encourage you to drink as much water as possible (around 2L daily) and to stick to a low fat and carb diet as well as some exercise.

You might be worried that the fat will return after the the course of treatments has ended. Fear not, the frozen fat cells will be completely dead and as a result will not return after treatments have been completed.


So why wait?! Book an appointment and get the body you want in no time at all! Shape your life for the better!