Cellulite is the rightful enemy of any women. People are still arguing  whether it can be considered a real disease, but it is definitely an esthetic problem.Cellulite is a microcirculation defect in the fat tissue and local increase of fat cell volume. When fat cells grow you can see the consequences on your skin surface, so-called “orange peel”. But there is a solution which will definitely help you to eliminate this undesirable skin issue.

This solution is called vacuum roller massage. It is an anti-cellulite treatment aimed at eliminating the excising cellulite problem and preventing it from happening again. The vacuum roller massage is one of the most effective tools helping you to fight fat deposits and shape your body.

Some specialists think that, estrogen (female hormone) is responsible for cellulite manifestation. That is why it is women who have to face that nasty problem. Thus, the most problematic areas are the ones which suffer the most from fat deposits in a female body: abdomen, buttocks and legs.

It is necessary to prepare the body and the most common way is to rub oil on the zone to be treated. Then it time for the actual procedure.   

The vacuum roller massage is carried out with a special device (in our case, Starvac). This device has mechanical and vacuum effects on a body. The vacuum promotes blood circulation and oxygen supply. It also activates the process of collagen creation, firms up subcutaneous connective tissue and restores elasticity. This improves the overall look and condition of skin, i.e. removes the notorious orange peel. However, Starvac removes not only the external effects, it destroy fat pockets in subcutaneous layer, which are considered to be the cause of cellulite. This device is extremely adaptable, because there is a number of suction heads and flasks.           

This procedure is completely safe. The whole treatment is rather pleasant and the equipment is used according to individual sensitivity and skin condition of a patient. The suction pressure is adjusted individually with respect to hypodermis thickness and doesn’t cause any hematomas. However, the more force is applied, the better are the results. No need to worry! We are here to help you and not to hurt you!   

The vacuum roller massage is the ultimate technique to get rid of cellulite once and for all! Getting excited? And guess what? We, Body Lab, are the only company in Bali having necessary equipment and expertise to perform this massage! It is recommended to take 10 sessions, 3-5 times per week. You need to drink a lot of water since it helps to take the destroyed subcutaneous fat tissue out of the body through lymphatic system. The average length of one session varies from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the areas to be treated.