What is Hollywood Laser Carbon Peel?

Hollywood Laser Carbon Peel is a safe and painless method which helps you to rejuvenate your skin, look younger and get rid of face blemish. It exfoliates the dead cells of epidermis very gently ensuring bactericidal effect. This technique is highly recommended for people suffering from acne, blackheads, enlarged pores and uneven skin tone. At BodyLab Bali we can remove all these undesirable skin problems and provide longstanding results.

How does Hollywood Carbon Peel work?

This procedure combines the effects from carbon mask and laser. Firstly, a specialist applies a carbon mask on a patient’s face. This is explained by the fact that carbon can absorb oil and different contaminants. While having exfoliating properties, it also fights blackheads and dead skin cells. Once the carbon layer is evenly distributed, a laser is switched on. It destroys carbon particles together with oil, contaminants and blackheads, leaving soft and smooth skin.

Due to the fact that laser penetrates to the deeper skin layers, it contributes to stimulation of collagen production. Collagen is responsible for the look and structure of your skin. It makes your skin firmer, smoother and removes wrinkles and fine lines. After the procedure you will definitely notice that your skin has youthful appeal to it.  

This technique is the ultimate tool resolving issues connected with acne and oily skin. The thermal effect kills the bacteria responsible for acne formation. In addition, carbon mask reduces sebum produced by sebaceous gland, the culprit of oily face. Your lipid and water skin layer will be definitely restored, if taking this procedure on a regular basis.        

How can you maximize the Hollywood  Carbon Peel results?

The perfect way to get the best out from Hollywood Laser Carbon Peel is BodyLab Detox Facial treatment. It provides more in reducing sebum production, removing toxins and excess oil. It also helps to enhance the blood flow in your face, rejuvenating the skin structure.  

And if combining this procedure with Q-Switched technology, you can achieve maximum in making your skin radiant, eliminating freckles, light pigment stains and uneven skin color.   

How often are you to take Hollywood  Carbon Peel treatment?

You can notice the results from the first procedure, and it gets better after a few days. It is allowed to take one session per week. In order to achieve the best result you should undergo five sessions.    

Where does the Hollywood part come from?

Many Hollywood stars have already taken this procedure, among the most popular are Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian.