The curvy forms of a woman body always attract attention. The elegant gait of a beautiful lady can make any man fall in love. And the best way to seal the deal is to have an astonishing buttocks!

BodyLab can make you the butt like the one of hot and tanned Brazilian ladies!

What is Brazilian Butt Treatment?

Brazilian Butt is a body shaping technique aimed at completely remodeling the body of a woman by enhancing the overall appearance of the buttocks enlarging and lifting them. In order to get the perfect forms this procedure combines vacuum roller massage and muscle stimulation. These two methods have their own purposes.

First Vucuum Roller Massage fights Cellulite

Vacuum roller massage is a procedure designed to fight nasty cellulite manifestation like so-called ‘orange peel’ and preventing it from happening again. Application of vacuum heads promotes oxygen supply and blood circulation. Mechanical rollers eliminate fat accumulations in subcutaneous skin layers. One of the most important effects of the vacuum roller massage is stimulation of collagen creation which rejuvenates skin structure and external look making it smoother, firmer and younger.

Then muscle stimulation tightens and tones

Muscle stimulation is a widespread procedure in modern medicine. In the field aesthetic cosmetics it is used to gently and accurately stimulate facial or, in our case, gluteal muscles. Firstly, the electrodes are attached to the area to be treated. Then they send low-frequency impulses to the nerves through skin surface, thus stimulating the actual muscle. The muscle is confused and thinks that stimulus comes from the brain. So it reacts in the most common way: when the impulse is sent it tenses and when the impulse disappears it relaxes. Sounds familiar? Yes, this is the most simple and effective way to simulate muscle contraction.

To put it even simpler, it is a gym for the lazy!

You don’t have to exhaust yourself with hard exercises and long treadmills, just lie, enjoy the moment and wait for your very own Brazilian Butt!

How long does the treatment take?

It is recommended to take the Brazilian Butt procedure 2-5 times per week. The overall treatment course consists of 10-15 sessions. One session lasts only 60 minutes.  

The results: A fierce booty

Having taken the Brazilian Butt procedure you will definitely notice the positive changes. Combined effect of the Vacuum Roller Massage and Muscle Stimulation will significantly reshape your whole silhouette. Vacuum and rollers improve your skin condition and appearance while electric impulses pimp your buttocks. Wait and see how your seducing body part becomes more firm, round, lifted and sexy than ever before!