Microcurrent Microgei Facial


What is Microcurrent Microgei Facial?
Microcurrent Facial is a new clinically tested innovation created to make your face look much younger and more fresh with the help of low-frequency current impulses (also called microcurrents). Microcurrents significantly improve skin tone, restore water balance, remove ‘double chin’ and have other significant aesthetic effects.
How is Microcurrent Microgei Facial performed?
During Microcurrent Microgei Facial a specialist uses two prongs which send a certain amount of microcurrents to the predetermined zone. They imitate natural body current by stimulating the muscle underneath the skin. Microcurrrents trigger natural reactions in your body at a cellular level enhancing production of collagen and elastin, providing great circulatory effect.
This treatment is performed in the combination of acupuncture practices. You don’t have to worry, no needles are involved! The Microcurrent Facial procedure is considered a needle less mesotherapy, since it helps rejuvenating serum to penetrate into the deepest skin layers. We just place the prongs onto  the acupuncture points and send weak impulses. The procedure is so relaxing, that some patients may even fall asleep!
What problems does Microcurrent Facial help fighting?
During this procedure the facial muscles are lightly stimulated, thus they are brought in tone, which straightens the fine lines. It lifts jaws and eyebrows. It also helps to reduce swelling enhancing lymph drainage. The patients’ skin tone becomes lighter and more homogeneous due to reduction of slight pigmentation. 
How long should you take the Microcurrent Microgei Facial?
Microcurrent Facial is recommended to perform 2 to 4 times per week. The treatment course consists of 10 sessions. The duration of the procedure is 60 minutes.