Botox injection is one of the most popular procedures in the world with more than 6 million procedures per year. BodyLab Bali is not an exception. We have a very skillful dermatologist who visits seminars in Europe and Asia to improve his skills. We use only the approved Botox Allergan ordered from the USA.
What is Botox?
Botox botulinum toxin type A. Usage of botulinum toxin doesn’t let acetylcholine to release preventing muscle cells from contraction. It can be used for treatment of more than 20 different medical conditions, but today most people know it due to its cosmetic purposes.
Why do people use Botox?
Clients turn to Botox when they need to reduce the facial wrinkles and remove fine lines. The wrinkles in the facial skin are formed directly above the underlying muscle. Forehead and areas around the eyes are the most notorious places suffering from this issue.
What is Botox injection procedure about?
The procedure consists of dilution of Botox in saline and injection directly into muscular tissue. When the substance gets there it blocks nerve impulses which your brain sends to these muscles.  Therefore, the muscle activity, being the main reason for wrinkles to appear, is reduced and the skin looks much smoother. You see, it is not an easy task for the skin to wrinkle without a muscle because of this process. The whole procedure might take around 30 minutes.
When will you see the results?
Usually you will observe the improvement within 24-72 hours (up to 5 days on very rare occasions), since Botox would need some time to reach to the nerve, which would normally stimulate the muscle above the treated area. In any case the effect you will see two weeks after the procedure is the maximum that you are going to get.
Where is Botox applied? 
BodyLab Bali will help to obtain the younger look using Botox on frown lines, eyebrows (to reduce droopiness), crows feet, smoker lines above the upper lip and age lines on the neck. Botox may be used to overcome excessive underarm sweating as well.
Is Botox injection painful?
Botox injection is as painful procedure as any injection can be. However, the needles which are used for this purpose are very small, so we doubt you can experience any discomfort.
How long does Botox effects last?
The effects of the Botox injection last about three to eight month depending on your age, diet and lifestyle as well as on the areas you took treatment for.  
Who is Botox good for?
Botox injection is a perfect solution for those who would like to get rid of nasty wrinkles and fine lines quickly. This procedure ensures longstanding and reliable results making it suitable for people who don’t have much time to get a series of cosmetic procedures. So come to BodyLab Bali, there is just one injection between you and your smooth skin.