Dermal Fillers


Nowadays the dermal fillers are very popular in the field of aesthetic medicine. This popularity can be explained by the fact that they are able to locally increase the volume and decrease wrinkles with only one doctor visit.
There are two most widespread types of dermal fillers: hyaluronic acid-based and calcium hydroxylapatite‑based.
Hyaluronic acid is completely natural substance contained in your body. It is usually accumulated in soft connective tissues and in fluids near the eyes and joints. Due to its ability to store moisture this acid can provide your skin with plump, radiant and hydrated look. Hyaluronic acid injections can enhance its natural production, because its content decreases with age.
Two popular hyaluronic acid-based brands are Juvederm and Neauvia. These are the ones we mainly use at BodyLab Bali. Juvederm is the most famous dermal filler in the world. It is produced in the USA in accordance with all safety and quality standards. It consists of only high-quality substances. Neauvia is produced in Italy using revolutionary techniques under a supervision of leading world specialists. This brand is absolutely organic and reversible product, i.e. it is 100 % biodegradable, and causes no side effects. The effect of both Juvederm and Neauvia can be seen during the period of up to 12 months.   
As was mentioned before, there is another popular type of dermal fillers, calcium hydroxylapatite‑based. Radiesse has a unique calcium hydroxylapatite‑based formula. It is produced in the USA. It helps you to straighten the wrinkles and provide long-lasting results while stimulating your own collagen production. Radiesse has incredible lifting effect. This brand is perfect if you want to lift your facial contours, and is suitable for increasing cheekbone area. You can observe the effect of Radiesse within 12-15 (!) months or even longer. This product is absolutely safe and well-studied. It doesn’t cause any inflammations, and with time is completely washed out from your body.
Dermal fillers have different degree of softness. Softer fillers can be used for lips or areas around eyes while denser fillers may be applied to straightening of the frown lines on the forehead.
The most commons problems the dermal fillers can assist you with:
-          increase of cheekbone area, restoration of the contour, lifting;
-          enlargement of the chin and jaw extremities making your face look slimmer;
-          filling of nasolabial fold wrinkles;
-          straightening of nasal arch;
-          filling of nasolacrimal duct (restoration of the volume at the area below the eyes);
-          increase of lip volume (our doctor is able to turn the natural lip form to plum and sexy) .
Specialist at BodyLab Bali will help you choose appropriate type and volume of the filler for certain areas you want to treat.
For most people the application of the ‘ready-to-use’ injections is the optimal solution that can significantly enhance their appearance. These dermal fillers have very predictable results with minimal risks and side effects. Besides, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian used dermal fillers and you can see the results at any photo. So join the red-carpet club with BodyLab Bali.