Oxygen Detox Facial

This Oxygen Detox Facial is a deep cleansing multi-step skin treatment and is considered the best way to eliminate pimples and blackheads. This procedure will help you to eliminate both excess oil and toxins making you face look better and radiant.

At the first stage a specialist performs initial cleansing of your face removing superficial dirt and other impurities you might bring from the outside. Then she proceeds to exfoliation of dead skin cells. When they are removed our trained specialist performs a gentle facial massage to relax your facial muscles. After that with experience and skillful movements she extracts blackheads. The extraction is performed with help of a special instrument called extractor. It is a simple stick designed to remove blackheads and pimples in a most painless and fast way possible. In the end there is a nutrition serum applied to your face to fully complete the procedure. 

Be sure, after such a complex treatment you will leave with completely renewed and rejuvenated skin!

Among the benefits of the Oxygen Detox Facial there are the following:

-      deep cleansing of all pores, gentle exfoliation and extraction of blackheads;

-      reduction of sebum overproduction: sebum is produced by skin to keep itself hydrated, but when sebum production is too high it usually result in blocked pores, blackheads;

-          removal of excess oil, toxins and dirt: due to the number of reasons your face may suffer from oil and toxin accumulations, and the Oxygen Detox Facial treatment will help you to remove them making your face more beautiful and clean than ever before;

-          nutrition of facial skin cells: nutrition serums will alleviate any damages your skin texture might suffer in your everyday life;

-          other positive effects like stimulation of lymphatic drainage, skin hydration oxygenation by oxygen spray.

Just 90 minutes of lying on a comfortable bed separate you from clean and radiant face!