How Muscle Toning treatment works?

At Body Lab Bali we use the latest technology with the machine "Vip Lipo Line Duo"  which transmits electric impulses to the nerve nodes and muscle fibers, toning your muscles and contracting them in intense, short movements.

This unique way to workout your muscles, takes energy from the fat cells, therefore burns more calories, toning and slimming your body at the same time!

This type of muscle stimulation is called “isometric contraction”, which manages to target specific muscle groups so you can get the best results.

How many sessions do I need before I see results?

You will notice a difference from the very first session! Your skin will be firmer, smoother and will have a youthful glow.

We recommend you to have 6-12 sessions, 2-3 times per week in order to obtain fantastic and sustainable results.

Are the results permanent?

With all non-invasive, non-surgical treatments, how long the results last for will greatly  depend on your lifestyle choices.

Our suggestions are: exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet, free of processed sugars and empty calories. 

We strongly recommend for you to have a “top-up” session every month or so, to help keep your muscles toned and firm.

What is the most effective Muscle Toning Treatment at Body Lab Bali?

Our best seller treatment is Isogei Lean Abs, Arms, Butt, & Thighs.

This technology uses isometric training ⁠to increase muscle tone, reduce fat tissue and cellulite: in just two or three 60 minutes sessions per week, you will see visible results. Even after the very first treatment, you will see an immediate improvement in the tone and firmness of the treated area. 

What’s your best seller treatment for perfectly sculpted buttocks?

Isogei Brazilian Butt is the best method to increase the volume and tone of your gluteal muscles, reduce cellulite and lose extra fat.

Isogei technology uses electric stimulation to create a powerful and effective “isometric contraction” to target and sculpt the 3 gluteal muscles that form your buttocks and give you that "Brazilian Butt" effect.

Is it possible to build muscle without going to the gym?

Our top of the range machine "Vip Lipo Line Duo"  uses electric impulses transmitted to the nerve nodes and muscle fibers, isolating and stimulating the muscle, which creates the same effect than a strenuous weight lifting workout at the gym.

With Isogei treatments, unique to Body Lab Bali, you get the results, minus the pain and sweat!

Need help choosing?

Our experienced staff can help you decide on the best treatments for you, just give us a call or book an appointment and we'll help you decide!