Endymed Pro Body Contouring

Endymed Pro Body Contouring is the ultimate solution for those looking to achieve a toned and sculpted physique without surgery. This innovative, non-invasive cosmetic
treatment uses 3 deep radiofrequency technology to reduce the appearance of cellulite, tighten skin, and contour the body.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your figure after pregnancy, reduce the appearance of aging, or simply want to achieve a more toned and defined physique, Endymed Pro Body Contouring can help you achieve your goals.


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The advanced 3 deep radiofrequency technology stimulates collagen production, which helps to tighten and tone the skin, reduce cellulite, and create a smoother, firmer appearance.

Our customizable treatment plans allow us to target specific body areas, including the abdomen and thigh.

  • Endymed Pro is powered by unique 3 DEEP RF technology.
  • The multiple electrical fields created repel each other, leading to the ideal combination of energy directed to a deeper skin layer for optimal, painless collagen remodeling.
  • EndyMed’s products have been clinically proven by internationally renowned dermatologists.
  • 3 DEEP RF technology is effective and safe for all skin types and tones.

The results may be noticeable after the first treatment and will continue to improve for several months. EndyMed Pro Body Contouring can help you achieve smooth, toned skin and reduce cellulite.

No. Endymed Pro Body Contouring is a non-invasive procedure, and you can resume your regular activities immediately after the treatment. Your skin may become more sensitive in the treatment area following the treatment, but this will dissipate within a day or two.

You can combine Endymed Pro Body Contouring with pressotherapy, transion, ultrasound cavitation, and meso fat-burning injection to boost the fat reduction process.
You can add more treatments, such as a vacuum roller, to enhance the destruction of cellulite.

Endymed pro body contouring: can be done once every 7 days, with a course of 3-10 sessions.

  1. Pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  2. Active bacterial or viral skin infections.
  3. Active skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.
  4. Implanted medical devices, such as a pacemaker or defibrillator.
  5. Metal implants, such as screws or plates, in the area of the treatment.