TEEN DERM K concentrate

IDR 375.000

Teen Derm K Concentrate effectively diminishes mild to moderate imperfections on combination to oily skin.


Significantly reduce the appearance of your imperfections!


Imperfections reduced by 21%

Decrease in excess sebum and skin is more matt in 76%* of cases

Skin texture is smooth and clear in 90%* of cases


First clean your face with Teen Derm gel or micellar water. Then apply Teen Derm K Concentrate only at night. For enhanced results, combine Teen Derm K Concentrate with Teen Derm K as part of your day beauty routine.

Remember to use sun protection during the treatment and up to one week after stopping treatment.



Avocado oil

Regulates excess sebum.

Salicylic acid

Purifies and exfoliates.

Boswellia extract + Glucose + Natural xylitol

Soothe and hydrate.

Smoothen skin texture.
Glycolic acid
Smoothen skin texture.
Biomimetic polymer
Anti-inflammatory and hydrating.